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Leisure-Sailing LTD is an officially registered and licensed UK company run by trained and experienced skippers. The head office of Leisure Sailing LTD is located in London.

Yacht Online Charter is a website operated by Leisure-Sailing LTD to provide access to the very comprehensive, worldwide, realtime yacht chartering database. As a service provider, we support you at Yacht Online Charter when chartering your dream yacht for a turn at the destination of your desire.

With the creation of this website, we want to make it possible and simple for you to find and rent yachts. Whether you are a skipper, a “seal” or a beginner in yachting, the database of Yacht Online Charter is for you. 

If you prefer personal contact, then of course our team at the personal agency is there as well.

All our team members are in love with the sea and recharge their batteries on board several times a year. Most of us never want to part with that feeling of freedom and love to live forever at sea. Our children are fed with this "vitamin" as well and take over the ability of yachting from their fathers.


We take every opportunity to experience on board the sea and charter yachts. That means we're "in the boat with you", dear friends, and we understand very well what needs to be done if anyone does a bareboat charter or is looking for a skipper or waiting for a charter service. The logical consequence was to expand our services to provide extra comfort and organization of your vacation.

Contact our customer service via email or over our agency. We are happy to help you in all matters relating to vacation planning and yacht charter.


Expert Yacht Knowledge


Tailor-Made Cruises


Global Reach


100%  Money Protected

We are happy to assist you in the organization of:

  • advice on choosing the best yacht

  • route planning

  • captain, skipper

  • collection of documents for licenses, insurance, senior management

  • transfers

  • concierge services

  • special topics (pets on board, fishing equipment... and more)

  • contact us by e-mail or through one of our personal charter agents. We are happy to help you in all matters relating to vacation planning and yacht charter.


“Chartering online was so easy and comfortable. The whole trip went without a hitch , you totally hit it just right for us!”

- Alexa G. -

“Last minute offers all over the world. Just couldn't beliefe that your database is so full of options. Thanks to Yacht Online Charter I found quickly what I was looking for!”

- Dom L. -

“Your help at the personal agency gave me finally the feeling of connecting to yachties that know their business.

Thanks Yacht Online Charter. ”


- Peter S. -

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