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Maverick Yachts opens up European market

Leisure-Sailing LTD takes over the exclusive distribution Europe


London, 14.12.2018

  • Multiple awarded for the best sailing yacht of the year

  • Circumnavigation completed in November 2018

  • Details that inspire yacht owners

On 01.01.2019, the renowned yacht manufacturer Maverick Yachts hands over exclusive distribution for 50 European countries to the company Leisure-Sailing LTD. Thus, the manufacturer opens up the direct access of customers to a central contact for all of Europe. The goal is to significantly improve sales and customer care in this part of the world.      

Maverick catamarans have sailed around the world for over 10 years as custom catamarans. The last circumnavigation of a Maverick catamaran ended November 2018 in Cape Town. The owners started in 2016 with their Maverick 440 "Air Power" from Cape Town to circumnavigate the world. 2 years later, and once around the world, the Maverick 440 looks almost as new.        

Thoughtful concepts, incomparable workmanship and great attention to detail are the recipe from which the manufacturer develops catamarans that are up to the demands of the open oceans. This includes the Maverick 440 Hybrid. Above all, this yacht convinces with virtually unlimited range without the use of fossil fuels. The batteries required for the electric drives have been specially developed for this application and are recharged via the solar panel and the co-rotating propellers while sailing. Wind generators can be added for further support.       

Maverick Yachts will also work 2019 in close cooperation with Leisure-Sailing LTD in production. For the first time, the manufacturer will design a standard catamaran specifically for the charter requirements of Leisure-Sailing LTD. The start of production is scheduled for the end of 2019, so that the launch of the first series charter catamaran from the „Maverick Yard” will take place in 2020. With more than 40 years of sailing experience with catamarans and charter yachts, Leisure-Sailing LTD contributes to this project. The result will be a charter catamaran that combines the proven details of Maverick yachts with previously unrealized space concepts and charter solutions.

Did you know that you can "beach" Maverick catamarans? Yes, that's right. A special hull design allows the catamaran to be put into the sand without damaging the props or the rudders.       


There are many more features that give the Maverick the edge and make it unique.

Leisure-Sailing LTD can be reached directly by e-mail at or via the website of the manufacturer Maverick Yachts .

Contact for Interview requests

+49 170 26 55 828

Dipl.-Ing. Nicolas Malsch, Director Leisure-Sailing LTD

Leisure-Sailing LTD is a UK registered company based in London. We have been working as a service provider in the yacht charter industry since 2017 and are currently working on a new offshore catamaran for the yacht charter industry in cooperation with Maverick Yachts. The exclusive representative for Europe is part of this concept.

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